Awakenings Birth Services
Esther Healey, LM, CPM
510 479-0905
East Bay

Birth With Treesa
Treesa Mclean, LM,CPM
510 581-1013
East Bay; Outer East Bay; South Bay

Birth Yourself Midwifery
Kelly Murphy, LM, CPM
415 516-2770
East Bay; Peninsula; SF

Bliss Midwifery
Jessica Christen, LM, CPM
510 928-7700
East Bay

California Midwifery Service
Rosanna Davis, LM, CPM
650 964-2229
Peninsula; South Bay

Coastal Maternity Care
Sharon Craig Economides, LM, CPM, IBCLC
415 649-6262
SF; Peninsula

Comadres Midwifery Services
Shiela VanDerveer, LM, CPM
510 837-7299
East Bay; North Bay; SF

Come to Mamma
Alison E Price, LM, CPM
415 238-2585

East Bay Homebirth Midwifery
Beah Haber CNM
Michelle Edgar LM, CPM
510 655-2229
East Bay; Outer East Bay

Espiritu Midwifery
Laura Perez, LM, CPM

Fruits of Labor Midwifery
Kristen Graser, LM, CPM
Amanda Coslor, LM, CPM
(510) 594-1270 East Bay
(415) 828-6103 SF

Hakima Midwifery
Shannon Staloch, LM, CPM
408 464-1441
All Areas except North Bay

Heart Wisdom Midwifery
Joan Green, LM, CPM
415 488-1406
North Bay; SF

Hearthstone Midwifery
Rebecca Plum, LM, CPM
415 250-6845
East Bay; North Bay; SF

Diane Holzer, LM, PA-C
415 721-7693
East Bay; North Bay; SF